open enrollment!

Pike Creek Christian Preschool is now enrolling for the 2024-2025 school year! Schedule a tour today! 

Preschool Program Delaware


Our preschool program gives children  the opportunity to discover and learn about God’s awesome world in small group settings where they develop literacy skills and number sense. We are a full day program.


Preschool Environment Delaware


Our preschool is a family-friendly environment designed to be warm and nurturing. Our small class sizes enable us to meet each child’s individual needs which will ultimately help them reach their full learning potential.

Preschool Faculty Delaware


Highly skilled, experienced, and qualified teachers lovingly guide children to develop at their own pace while encouraging them to grow in the knowledge of who God created them to be. 

Preschool Fun Delaware


Unique, age-appropriate lesson plans are brought to life for each child in fun and imaginative ways. Children learn through stories, play, process art, and other well thought out thematic activities. 

“Pike Creek Christian Preschool exists to nurture a love for learning, others, and Jesus Christ.”