Who We Are

Pike Creek Christian Preschool is a private Christian preschool in Newark, Delaware. We provide our students with an opportunity to develop and grow physically, emotionally, academically, and spiritually in a loving, Christ-centered environment.

Our Values

  • Our preschool stands without reservation on the belief that the Bible is the inerrant, authoritative Word of God.
  • At PCCP, we introduce the truth of the gospel to the hearts and minds of students.
  • We promote the essential relationship between intellectual knowledge and Godly wisdom by applying Scripture to every subject area.
  • We recognize that each child is a unique individual created by God, we are committed to providing an environment and resources to enable each child to reach their full potential.
  • We partner with parents in their child’s education and growth.
  • We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere of a caring, Christian community.
  • We have an open door policy where family involvement is encouraged.
2's Classroom

Our 2’s classroom enrolls up to 12 students each year. We offer both a full day (8am-3pm) and half day program (8am-12pm) at age 2. Children must turn two by September 1st to be in this classroom. A typical day includes a short circle time, colors and counting, storytime, tabletop activities, and crafts. The 2’s have a snack time and lunchtime each day with food provided by parents as well as a naptime from 1:15-2:45. We offer full time (5 day) or part time enrollment.

3's Classroom

Our 3’s Classroom is a full day program. Children in this classroom must be three by the beginning of the school year. In this room students begin to have daily¬† jobs and tasks. The 3’s room has daily circle time which includes a bible story, calendar time, weather observation, and pledges. Children are expected to be fully toilet trained in this classroom. The 3’s class has a couple daily lessons each day including a letter of the week, question of the day, and other activities based on the weekly theme. They also have centers time, recess, and a nap time each day.

3/4's Classroom

This Classroom is a full day (8am-3pm) classroom offtered from Monday-Thursday. This classroom is a great bridge between our 3’s room and 4’s room and also a great classroom for a first exposure to preschool. In this room, children experience more small group instruction. Some children from this classroom go straight to Kindergarten and others stay for another year in our PreK room. Differentiated instruction prepares each child for what lies ahead! Instruction wise, this classroom is similar to our 3’s classroom, but with an additional lesson or storytime each day. Free play, circle time, centers, lesson time, bible time, and rest time are a daily part of the 3/4’s room.

PreK/4's Classroom

Our PreK room is a great place for 4 year olds to prepare for their first year of Kindergarten. This program is offered up to five full days each week. Children must be age 4 by September 1st to be in this room. This classroom has an extended morning message or circle time as well as multiple lessons/activities throughout the day that incorporate math and letter sounds. In this room – children learn more independence in caring for their belongings, cleaning up after themselves, and being responsible. This classroom has the strongest emphasis on early literacy and will prepare each child for their years ahead as strong readers and writers. In the PreK room, there is also plenty of free play, bible and worship time, as well as a short rest time at the end of each day.