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Learn By Doing

At PCCP, children learn through play and hands on activities. Each day, children are given the opportunity to create and explore through developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences.


Story time is a big part of our preschool classrooms. Each class reads several stories each day and Bible stories are also a daily part of our program. We utilize the ACSI curriculum: Purposeful Design for our older classrooms. What we learn in books is also extended through our classroom activities and themes.


How To Register Your Child for Pike Creek Christian Preschool

Contact our Director (jessweber@pikecreekbc.org) or call our school office to schedule a tour, or speak with our Director for enrollment information. We utilize brightwheel for tuition, parent communication, and program registration.

Call For Inquiry

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Curriculum Enhancers

All classes have a “special” class each day including music class, PE, and Library. We offer Soccer Shots during the school day in the Spring. Our program offers field trips and sometimes has special visitors and events. On campus, we have trail access for nature exploration, which we will continue to use this year. We also have a outdoor storytime area as well as a mud kitchen area to help extend our outdoor learning time.

Social Skills Development

There are many activities in the day which are designed to help students relate to one another and work together. Some of theses activities include show and tell, center time, recess, small and large group games as well as free play.





Our two year olds sing through the ABC’s each day. In our preschool classrooms, children will have a “Letter of the Week” they will focus on. Our 3 year olds focus on letter recognition and sounds as well as developing prewriting skills. Our 4 year olds start learning sounds and basic sight words, as well as writing skills, such as writing their own name or copying upper and lowercase letters.


The students will develop number sense. Through the use of visuals and manipulatives, children learn to solve simple math problems and develop their counting skills. All of our classes work on sorting and identifying shapes and colors.


Through reading books with their teacher, children will be exposed to how sounds  work together (rhyming, phonics and phonemic awareness). Using phonics as well as basic sight words, many students will have their first reading experiences during their preschool years.

Social Studies

The students will discover and relate to the world around them through unit studies of holidays, safety, current events, manners, and the community.


The students will become familiar with a variety of Old and New Testament Bible stories which emphasize God’s power, sovereignty and care.  They will also practice basic Scripture memorization and its application in their lives.


The students will explore and experience God’s creation through studies of the seasons, animals, space, and STEM activities. We encourage the students to explore the nature around them on our school property.


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